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Pet Hoarding & Nest Cleanup

Safe Removal of Contaminated & Odorous Material

Nests and waste left behind from animals can contain viruses such as the hauntavirus and other pathogens, many of which are known to cause severe illness. Dust can be kicked up from the improper removal of an animal infestation, which can be inhaled, and can drift and spread contamination.

Our teams are trained to handle the removal of an affected area with care to not spread material to contaminate unaffected areas. We have the expertise to know how to do the job safely, and the gear to get it done effectively. Proper cleanup included total removal of all affected materials, and complete sanitization of the air using ozone recirculation technology – both of which we have covered.

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Any Variety of Situation

  • Urine-Stained Carpet
  • Feces on the Floor
  • Animals in the Walls
  • Visitors in the Attic
  • Skeletons & Carcasses
  • Lingering Waste Odors
  • Cleanup After Pet Hoarders
  • Full-On Nests & Colonies
  • Rodents, Raccoons, Feral Animals
  • Bird Infestations

First Class, Full Service Cleanup & Sanitizing

Whatever your cleanup needs are – Our professionals are standing by.
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From Our Professionals to You

Wash Your Cans!

By M.C. Coonskins

Space City Sanitizers got a call for some germs trying to inhabit a local garbage can, but will they survive? Our High Pressure Steam Blast service is unmatched, and thoroughly cleans your cans so good you could eat from them. Book conveniently online for routine professional cleaning and sanitizing service today.

Trash & Recycling Bin Cleaning
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